Dear fellow American,

On April 29th, 2020, Master Tung Dinh, owner and Tae Kwon Do instructor at Quest Fitness Center in Murray Ky, will be taking another step toward his “Journey For Freedom”. He began that celebration over 20 years ago. Every five years, he performs an extreme, high endurance fitness challenge. On this date, he will begin a 45- hour challenge of abdominal wheel rollouts. This is to commemorate 45 years of freedom in the United States.

In 1975, at the end of the Vietnam War, Master Dinh and his family were able to escape communist ruled Vietnam and come to America and settle in Murray, KY. He continues to complete these challenges to honor how the U.S. allowed for he and his family to have freedom and the opportunity to prosper.

As a U.S. Veteran, he has chosen to recognize and support our local veterans and those who will continue to serve. All funds raised supporting his “Journey For Freedom” will be presented to American Legion Post 73 with 50 percent designated for a scholarship fund for the Murray State ROTC.

In preparation for the 45- hour ab roller challenge, on February 25, 2020, Master Dinh will be doing the ab roller for 24 hours. Both dates will receive media coverage by local radio and television stations and will also be posted on social media.

We are asking for your support and seeking sponsorships. All funds will go directly to benefit our local veterans and the MSU ROTC program. We greatly appreciate any dollar amount of your donation but would like to recognize the following amounts below in signage and t-shirt advertising, as well as being promoted during both the 24 and 45- hour events.

Bronze Level                          $100

Silver Level                             $250

Gold Level                                $500

Platinum Level                      $1000

Please consider supporting our veterans and Master Dinh and his “Journey For Freedom” celebration. You may contact Master Dinh’s sister, Huong Kelly at (270) 293-0902 or by email at if you have any other questions.

As Americans, we are all indebted to the military men and women who have served our country, and to those who will  continue to sacrifice so we can live a life of freedom.


Patrons of Quest Fitness Center